12 Keto Diet Rules That You Should Know

Every year you wish to set a lot of goals for yourself. Some of you might wish to excel in your career or shed a few pounds by following keto diet rules.

However, according to Karen Ansel, author of the book “Healing Superfoods for Anti – Aging: Stay Younger Live Longer”, following a keto diet makes your body deficit of certain nutrients like Potassium. 

For this reason, it is quintessential to follow a few rules.

Keto Diet Rules You Must Know

Sticking to a keto diet can be a challenge in itself. There will be several hurdles in achieving your dream body but staying motivated can help you achieve any goal. 


Here are some rules you need to know.

Savor home-cooked nutritious meals

As a part of the keto diet, you are restricted to eating only certain types of foods. 

Hence it is suggested that you consume home-cooked food. We are unsure if the restaurant follows hygienic practices. These restaurants use oil in large quantities to enhance the flavors of the dishes.

Therefore it is suggested to eat at home. You can also invent your own yummy keto diet recipes at home.

Inculcate fermented foods in your diet plan 

Eliminating fruits and whole grains from your diet can lead to poor digestion and constipation.

Therefore you can add fermented vegetables to your keto diet as they act as a probiotic for your body. 

Moreover, you can also try Kimchi, Pickles, or curd, etc.

Do not avoid fats altogether

Eating the right diet is an important keto diet rule

Not all types of fat are detrimental to your health. Keeping your intake up to 13 grams a day is recommended by the American Health Organisation ( AHA ). Furthur the unsaturated fats found in foods like Avocado and olive oil is essential for good health.

Start by replacing chips or snacks with dry fruits or nuts, making a significant change.

Try occasional fasting

Intermittent fasting or fasting during certain intervals is a trend among people who follow the keto diet rules.

Fasting helps you get a clear insight into your eating habits. Such as if you are eating a snack at 9 pm, is it even necessary?

Drink plenty of water

A ketogenic diet is all about burning fat to produce energy for the body. As a consequence, increasing the intake of water is recommended. 

Additionally, water helps you flush toxins out of your body. Not drinking enough water will result in a slower metabolism, which in turn will hinder fat loss by your body. 

Avoid dairy products 

Dairy products like cheese can act as an obstacle in your keto diet plan. These foods may also contain sugar, so one must monitor their intake of dairy. 

Alternatively, you can switch to vegan keto diet recipes for beginners.

Have a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep can make these rules more effective. During sleep, the body heals itself.

Moreover, staying up late will make you crave snacks and sugary stuff, which will ruin your health.

Incorporate foods that are rich in Potassium

Ketones are not the only fuel your body needs when we incorporate a keto diet. Our body requires electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

The body becomes a deficit in sodium during ketosis. Hence to compensate for it, more sodium is absorbed by the body, and the body ejects potassium.

Hence it is essential to have a potassium-rich diet. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, it might indicate that your body is lacking potassium: headache, nausea and vomit, muscle cramps, insomnia, irritability, and exhaustion.

Eat protein in moderation.

People assume that one can eat as much protein as they like while following the keto diet rules. You need to remember that this diet is not just about cutting down carbs and fats from your diet, a balanced diet is the right way to go.

Increasing the amount of protein can lead to an increase in glucose in your body. As a result, overeating can make your body come out of ketosis.

Consume bulletproof coffee

Suppose you are a coffee lover and cannot eliminate it from your lifestyle. Then you may want to try bulletproof coffee.

It is prepared by adding oil and butter to your coffee and is sure to keep your hunger pangs at bay, and is a good vegan keto diet recipe for beginners.

Furthermore, it is advised for people with heart problems to avoid it to increase their cholesterol levels.

Talk to your loved ones about it.

Having people around you who can support and cherish what you do makes you reach your goals.

Share with them how you have done research on the pros and cons of the same and wish to give it a try. Talk to your family about Keto diet rules and their benefits.

Your family and peers are always your number one supporters, so they can help you reach your aim and help you avoid cravings. A keto diet promotes weight loss.

Understand that not all days can be the same

You might not be medically fit enough to carry on your keto diet plan during a specific time. You need to understand that your health is your only priority.

During these testing times, you may want to pause your diet plan for a while and relax.

Remember that rules can be bent if you are not feeling well.

Wrapping up

A keto diet plan cannot last a lifetime as it is meant to be followed for a certain period. Most people follow Keto diet rules to get rid of their sedentary eating habits and achieve good mental and physical health.

Though a diet plan can pave your way towards fitness, your main focus must be to achieve overall health.

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